Call Center Operations

ASO Partners has experience providing call center helpline services to mental health providers across Kansas and the Midwest. We’ve developed an advanced operation, offering 24-hour intake and assessment screens, triage and crisis response services, employee assistance programs, university after-hours support and problem gambling helpline services.

At ASO Partners our goal is to provide a quality and unified response. We accomplish this by combining Masterslevel clinicians, who have combined mental health experience of over 450 years, with a state-of-the-art technology and telecommunications call center. Leveraging these resources, ASO Partners is able to offer a wide range of helpline services, including:

• 24-hour and after-hours crisis line services
• Employee assistance programs
• College after-hour programs
• Problem gambling helpline services in Kansas and Colorado
• Inpatient screening including acute psychiatric hospitals and PRTFs
• Triage line for new clients
• Pre-admission screening resident review for nursing homes